Singing Lessons

All singing lessons and classes are taught in a supportive, creative and playful environment. My approach to vocal training and the art of singing is based on physical and cognitive awareness as well as on a strong foundation of musical and vocal technique. My goal is to guide you toward achieving your goals, to find joy and creative expression and to integrate healthy singing techniques that free your true singing voice.

  • Develop tone, pitch, breath control, intonation, emphasis, volume, posture, relaxation and general voice quality.

  • Gain awareness of the physical tensions and habits that are hindering your style and develop your physical, emotional and technical capacity to sing freely.

  • Enhance your enjoyment and confidence of singing and unleash your spirit!

Private singing lessons include voice warm-up and preparation exercises and includes focused "observe and describe" awareness and technical games combined with singing from song selections of your choice. Time spent in each portion will depend on what aspect of vocal performance is being worked on, and on the amount of work you invest outside of, and prior to, the lessons. The voice lessons are flexible and interactive and can also include practical coaching and working through of songs and exercises and the development of awareness patterns and performance skills required to get you to your next level.

Each voice lesson is individually tailored to your musical development, singing style, and current vocal awareness and needs. The typical objectives are to uncover, release and develop your unique singing voice and to develop and refine awareness skills, vocal techniques and performance skills that you can take away with you and apply to a lifetime of healthy, productive and enjoyable singing.

Lesson repertoire explores the skills, techniques and awareness required for healthy classical, opera or musical theater styles of singing.

Voice Teacher

My voice studio is located in Culver City, near the I-10 and the 405, and centrally located between West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Westchester and Marina Del Rey. I currently teach singing out of my home/studio. I have taught singing for over 9 years and during that time have guided many individuals to sing better, sing healthier and to reach toward their singing goals. My students have been cast in various lead and supporting roles, won singing competitions, and been accepted at prestigious colleges. Most of all, they sing healthy and enjoy their voice. Much of the instruction, and direct student progress, is through one-on-one private voice lessons, instruction and individual attention, I only occasionally instruct group classes and singing workshops as my time permits.

Prior to your singing lesson, please review my <Studio Policies, Rates and Suggestions>

Selecting a private teacher and choosing to pursue private voice lessons are an important investment in your continuing vocal development and your decision should be rewarded. It is important to evaluate your teacher to see if they are a match for your personality, the stage you are at, and that they can help you progress towards achieving your goals.

If you're a singer looking for a new voice teacher, a vocal coach, need specific work on technique or you need to prepare for an audition, performance or singing competition, or are new to singing and would like to learn to sing, I invite you to try out my voice studio by signing up for an introductory voice lesson. I usually have a waitlist to enter my studio but I can accept a limited number of new voice students on a space available basis.

If you're not in West Los Angeles or the LA area, and I'm unable to refer you to another Los Angeles singing teacher, here are some music teacher search sites that might help you narrow your search: Music Staff, Private Lessons, Classical Singer and The Music Teachers List. Additionally, another way to find a voice teacher is to ask for a recommendation from someone whose singing you like. NATS (the National Association of Teachers of Singing) also has a telephone teacher locator service which can give you a list of registered voice teachers near you.

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