Music can become an integral part of the marriage service- both during the wedding ceremony and in the reception. The key is to select music that best fits the occasion, the location and, most importantly, the love and desire of the Bride and Groom. Any song selection is appropriate if it means something special to the couple.

Elizabeth HarmetzTraditional in-church wedding services cultivate a sense of worship. In these settings, songs that direct attention to the glorification of God are favored over those that provoke secular meditation or that reflect romantic aspects of love. In these cases the music selection may have to be approved by the minister, priest or rabbi.

Garden weddings and less strict church weddings can sometimes offer a larger range of musical choices. No matter the type of wedding ceremony, a wedding vocalist will help to elevate the ceremony to a more spiritual plane.


There are many excellent locations during the wedding ceremony for musical interludes. For Christian weddings some music placement ideas are during the lighting of the unity candle and between events, such as the vows and the ring exchange or between the mothers sitting and the processional. Instrumental music is often effective for the processional and recessional. Sometimes brides prefer to walk down the aisle or have the bridesmaids enter to special vocal music like the beautiful duet from Lakme by Delibes.

Prelude music helps set the initial tone of the wedding ceremony. One or two art, classical, or popular songs mixed in with the instrumental selections can set a lively or spiritual mood.

Other ideas

Since so many people visit my site looking for wedding song and music ideas I must mention another wedding singer and cantor that offers excellent suggestions and planning advice on her site. Rather than reprint her wedding song advice please visit her at:

Monica Hatch at

Ultimate offers a popularity-based list of specific wedding ceremony songs grouped by location in the wedding ceremony. A warning on this list would be that just because a song sounds pretty and is popular doesn't mean that the content would be appropriate for all guests at a wedding. This is true when pulling music selections from either Opera or pop songs. View other couples ideas on appropriate wedding music selections here:



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