Recommended singing books and music compilations

Here are some general singing books that I've found indispensable for the beginning and intermediate voice student.

Why should a student interested in singing pop music study the techniques of classical sound production? Well, classical technique uncovers your true voice and is well suited towards strengthening your voice and extending your range- fundamental requirements of safe singing. Good fundamental singing technique can improve the quality of your overall sound production.


    1. Vocal Methods
    2. Sheet Music Compilations

Vocal Methods

Vaccai Practical Method Edited by John Glenn Paton, written by Nicola Vaccai.

High Soprano

Alto or Baritone

Soprano Or Tenor

Vaccai offers sets of vocal exercises (vocalise) that have been used with great success. Vocal methods are just progressive exercises used to work though specific techniques typically centuries ago. The skills a student has to progress through has changed very little compared to singing styles so this is great start for all singers. Other noteworthy exercise methods include Marchesi, Seibler & Concone.

24 Italian Songs And Arias Of The 17th And 18th Centuries

Medium High Voice

Medium Low Voice

These are essential training songs for those planning on progressing into the "legit" or classical operatic music. These Italian songs from the Baroque and Classical period promote the Bel-Canto method of singing with focuses on vowel production. Choose either the medium high or medium low voice- wherever you are at. The books are available with or without CD accompaniment.
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Sheet Music Compilations

The Singer's Musical Theatre Anthologies


Volume 1


Mezzo Soprano

Volume 1


Volume 1

Baritone Bass

Volume 1

The Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology Popular collection of Broadway and vocal standards for voice and piano. This is probably Hal Leonards most popular anthology. Each of the 4 voice types have up to 4 volumes of music compiled from Broadway shows and musicals. Search for all editions of these titles at Sheetmusicplus.

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